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 Safety Consulting

PS Consulting offers safety consulting and auditing for compliance, program effectiveness, injury prevention, and bottom line results.

Below is a list of some of the safety consulting areas:  

bulletSafety Compliance Audits
bulletWorkplace Injury and Illness Prevention Programs
bulletHazard Communication Programs
bulletSafety Incentive Programs
bulletViolence in the Workplace Programs
bulletRespiratory Protection Programs
bulletHearing Conservation Programs
bulletEmergency Action Plans
bulletBloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Programs
bulletCommercial Driver Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs for DOT
bulletFire Prevention Plans
bulletSafety Committee Meetings
bulletHazard Analysis
bulletPesticide Hazard Communication Programs
bulletSafety Forms and Documents

This list is not all-inclusive.

    Safety Compliance Audits Include:

        Review of all Safety Manuals and Written Programs  

           for Compliance and Implementation.

Review of Safety Policies, Procedures, and Documents 

           for Compliance with State and Federal Regulations, 



bulletNew Employee Safety Training 
bulletAnnual and Periodic Safety Training
bulletLoss Control Practices and Procedures
bulletMachine Guarding Practices
bulletMedical Care and First Aid Kits
bulletPersonal Protective Equipment
bulletMaterial Handling and Storage
bulletWarning Signs and Notices
bulletSanitation and Handwashing Facilities
bulletPosters and Employee Communications
bulletAccident Reporting Procedures
bulletReturn-to-work Programs
bulletSafety Documents, Records, and Forms
bulletOSHA 300 Logs/300A Reports

You may elect to include everything in the audit or only include certain elements, or add additional elements related to Safety.  Upon completion of the audit you will receive a written report with findings and recommendations.   Phone: (805) 643-5856  FAX: (805) 643-1659  P.O. Box 24225, Ventura, CA 93002 - 4225